Labor and Employment

PFC experts have extensive experience in all areas of labor and employment analysis.  Compensation analysis includes prevailing wage issues, contract and instruments valuation, analysis of base rate and overtime, and statistical analysis of compensation disparity attributable to a range of protected characteristics. Additional areas include statistical analysis for disparate impact and disparate treatment, discrimination and glass ceiling issues, assessment of earnings and benefits, analysis of alleged damages from wrongful termination, constructive discharge, failure to accommodate, disability issues, hostile work environments, wrongful recruitment, misrepresentation, unsafe work environments, toxic workplace, workplace injuries, pension fiduciary related issues, economic and financial losses, valuation of contracts, financial instruments, options, and royalties. 

We also have extensive employment class action experience including issues of compensation, failure to promote, discrimination, unreimbursed business expenses, statistical and sampling analysis, and virtually all aspects of data analysis associated with such cases.  Additional issues include premises liability related claims, on-call issues, donning-doffing issues, unreimbursed preparation and meeting time, on-site harassment, unpaid time and overtime, meal and rest period violations, PAGA claims, retaliation, whistle-blower, Qui Tam issues, misrepresentation, analysis of after-acquired evidence, analysis of mitigation efforts, and appropriateness of compensation based on market comparisons.  Discrimination analysis has included a wide range of claims including gender, religious creed, national origin, orientation, and marital and family status.  Consulting has included pre-action analysis to affirmatively identify potential statistical violations in advance of employment actions.


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