Econometrics & Forecasting

Econometrics & Econometric Analysis

Econometrics integrates economic theory, institutional details, knowledge of data sources, as well as statistical and modeling techniques.  Using econometrics and related methods, we build models for testing hypotheses, estimating economic impacts, and creating forecasts (including “what-if” analysis) in almost any area of business, management, and litigation. When integrated with administrative data and purposeful data collection, statistical models can be created to estimate individual level impact in class action and mass litigation applications.  These models and techniques also provide the foundation for simulation, optimization, and scenario analysis.


Using techniques from accounting, finance, economics, and statistics, we build models and find statistical relations that provide insight into future values, especially those aimed at quantifying a reasonable expectation of outcomes of business decisions (but for certain conditions).  We construct forecasts as part of damage analysis, real options valuation, business planning, economic impact analysis, and for special purpose and custom applications.


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