PFC provides Statistics, Econometrics, and Forecasting services

  • Our team of econometricians and statisticians is experienced at creating forecasts, creating “what if” simulations and models, testing hypotheses, and performing custom research.
  • Representative complex analysis and modeling engagements include analysis of “occupancy load” on high end time share properties, determination of excessive stock trading, impact of alternative investment policies on portfolio risk and return, determination of “but for” promotion patterns to assess potential glass ceiling effects, and forecasting long term housing starts, computer utilization, and life expectancy.
  • Our survey design and analysis team has experience with mixed mode, mail, phone, and Internet surveys and can assist with design and analysis from start to finish.
  • Our statistics team can assist with sampling plans for randomly selected depositions and declarations to provide statistically reliable foundations for extrapolation.
  • Our analysts have interpreted and explained mathematical models, complex formulas, and regulatory equations ranging from mandatory commercial insurance requirements to workers compensation standards, from “off balance sheet” liability assessment to store manager bonus programs, from commission structures to nonstandard hospital compensation.
  • Using computationally advanced statistical techniques, our econometricians and economists provide confidence bands or margins of error to meet scientific standards and Daubert requirements.