Financial Analysis Experts

  • PFC offers a deep bench of financial experts with real world and academic experience.
  • Pro Forma analysis, deal analysis, simulations, “what if” analysis, real options valuation, and analysis of contracts are common examples of financial analysis.
  • Our engagements also include competitive benchmarking, industry analysis, analysis of start-ups, analysis of start-ups and companies that fail because of third party actions, and many types of present value and future value analysis.
  • Cost of credit, credit rating damages, appropriate discount rates, weighted average cost of capital, cram down rates, and analysis of “but for” potential rates of return and appreciation are applications that use our knowledge of investments and credit markets.
  • Financial suitability, adherence to model portfolios, consistency of advice, riskiness of investments, UPIA, UPMIFA, appropriate economic analysis for portfolios, and fiduciary standards are other aspects of our practice.
  • Our experts have performed numerous complex financial models and analyses including assessing complex financial transactions for litigation and nonlitigation applications.
  • Other sample engagements include estimating economic substance and assessing “Son of BOSS” deals, evaluating intercompany transfers and transfer pricing, and other valuation associated with tax shelters and tax avoidance schemes.