PFC- your expert solution for Mass Torts, Collective Actions and Class Actions

  • We have extensive experience in assessing commonality, or lack thereof, using economic and statistical analysis.
  • Questionnaires and surveys can be designed to identify class member characteristics for commonality and to identify data regarding prospective damage claims, or lack thereof. Appropriate samples can be determined to assist with depositions, declarations, questionnaires, and surveys as appropriate.
  • Our computation team has experience handling massive databases of corporate records including payroll, customer service, contract, and other business records.
  • Some of our cases have included assessing potential discrimination in a nationwide vehicle lease agreement, estimating damages under various FLSA claims, assessing the economic impact of premature failure of water heaters, assessing the impact on customers of tainted pharmaceutical products, and determining whether wind turbines had an abnormally high failure rate and, if so, the associated economic costs.