Services offered by PFC Attorneys frequently find consulting with us valuable for assessing a case’s research needs. Sometimes they rely on us to evaluate the research of their other experts or consultants, as well as opposing counsel’s experts. We offer consulting assistance when you are:

  • Developing deposition strategies and questions
  • Developing data requests and interrogatory questions.
  • Developing examination or cross-examination strategies and questions.
  • Deposing opposing experts and percipients.
  • Evaluating an expert’s methodology, analysis, and conclusions.
  • Exploring the economic and financial aspects of a new case.

There are times when it is strategically effective to hire a different testifying expert but to retain us as consultants. We can help by:

  • Translating the testifying expert’s work so that you fully understand it and can use it as effectively as possible.
  • Performing preliminary research to help you determine the scope and nature of the expert’s assignment and to suggest lines of research that avoid unproductive “rabbit trails.”
  • Evaluating the expert’s work to identify what the opposition might attempt to refute.
  • Participating in the deposition of opposing experts.
  • Coordinating the research of multiple testifying experts.
  • Assisting with the preparation for cross-examining opposing experts, including “sitting at the table.”

Other ways we can facilitate your efforts include:

  • Assisting with the coordination and documentation of work by multiple teams of experts.
  • Providing consistent database management and assistance.
  • Providing research assistance to experts who might have specific qualifications but who need support in other areas.